Time to take your party to the next level!
Here's just some of the many things we offer.

Lighting Systems

Basic Lighting

Allow the dance floor to come to life with this package. A 5-foot truss is assembled above the DJ booth. On this truss, LED Lighting is attached to accent the dance floor area. This package includes: (2) LED Chauvet Lighting Pallets, & (2) Chauvet LED Disco Balls.

Intelligent Lighting

Bring down the house with these lights and transform any space into a total party atmosphere. This system gives the WOW effect. A truss system is assembled and four (4) Moving Intelligent Lights are attached. A lighting technician operates and controls the lighting throughout the event. A smoke machine dispenses smoke creating an atmospheric effect that enhances the show. This package includes: truss system, four (4) Moving Intelligent Lights (capable of 16 colors, 16 patterns & countless effects), Lighting Technician, and Smoke Machine.

Deluxe Lighting

Deluxe Lighting packages are available with up to 20 moving intelligent lights, lasers, high powered LEDs, smoke machines, and technicians to program the shows. These shows are for large events, concert size and outdoor areas. Each deluxe lighting package is customized for the client based on event and size of area.


Transform any room or area into a modern, elegant setting using LED pallets. These LED pallets are placed on the floor and shine directly up highlighting all areas or sections of a room. The color selection varies according to your theme, décor, decorations, flowers, or even bridesmaid dresses. In addition, the lights are linked together and can be controlled throughout the event by a technician.

Custom Monogram Lighting

You pick the design and we’ll turn it into a projected image! Whether it is your name, initials, or custom design, this light can be placed on a dance floor, wall, or even a ceiling. Creating this image gives your wedding a personal touch.

LED Stage Platforms

Any party space can be enhanced with LED platforms. These platforms range in all sizes and heights for your guests to stand up and party on! The platforms are plexi-glass stages containing LED lighting. They can either be placed in sections next to each other or used as separate pieces throughout the party space.

Photography and Video

LED Television Systems

55-inch LED Televisions are brought to your event and can serve a multitude of purposes. Each system comes with a technician whose responsibility is to play interactive videos and personalized images continuously throughout the event. In addition, the technician will periodically operate an HD camera that captures the party space. From speeches to live party shots, whatever is happening in the room will be projected onto the TVs. Photos will also be taken during the event and will re-appear on the TVs. This package includes: (2) 55-inch LED Televisions, 7-foot suspended rigging system, HD Camera System to shoot party space, Videos, Custom Images, Photos from Event, and Technician to operate system.

Video Montage

Create a brief presentation for your guests to enjoy. Present 80-150 pictures to us and we will transform them into a video presentation. We will do any necessary scanning of pictures, in addition to all photo retouching. These montages are set to your choice of music and will have continual animation. If you choose to add video insertions, this can be done as well. This package includes: 80–150 pictures scanned and/or digital edited in Adobe Photoshop, pictures set to DVD movie accompanied by music, two (2) copies of DVD, and HD projector system to display montage.


Have your event captured though the eye of our photographers. Our photographers shoot using high-resolution cameras. Approximately 300 – 400 pictures are taken throughout a four (4) hour event. All photos are retouched in Adobe Photoshop and then sent to you on a DVD disc in jpeg format.


Capture all the moments of your special event. Every smile; every awesome dance move. Our videographers will shoot video throughout the whole four (4) hours of your event. After the event is over, they will create a highlight video (5-10 min) of all the fun you had at your party. You will also receive all the raw footage of your event for you and your friends to enjoy!

Photo Booth

Step into an actual booth and pose for your picture! A series of three pictures are taken and printed out in a filmstrip format. Each filmstrip photo is personalized with the name of your event on the bottom of the photo. In addition to your guests taking home their copy a second set of pictures are printed and placed into a scrapbook where your guests can leave a personalized message next to the photo. This package includes: Photo Booth, Technician, Assortment of Costume Items, Unlimited Photos, and a Scrapbook of all photos taken.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen Technologies is an exciting way of producing unique, Hollywood-style photographs of your guests. Have your photo taken in front of a green screen and choose any background you want. A computer program then replaces the green screen with the background of your choice. These photos are printed out on 4’ by 6’ size and guests are given a choice of frame. Two staff members operate this station. A photographer takes the picture while a technician operates the computer and printers.

Step and Repeat "Red Carpet" Backdrop

“Step” on the red carpet, pose, then leave, while the next person follows and “Repeats” the process. You will work with graphic designers that will create an image to be printed on an 8′ x 8′ vinyl display. This backdrop can be any design, whether it be your names or a custom image. Our photographer will capture photos in front of this backdrop, creating a unique atmosphere at your event. These photos will be printed and placed in frames as a keepsake for all your guests.

Live Webcast

Whether a family member or friend is in another state or over seas, allow them to have the opportunity to appear at your wedding. At the appropriate time, your guests will be directed to view an 8-foot by 6-foot screen where a live video chat will take place. Both parties will be able to communicate via the live feed.


Party Motivators

These professionally trained dancers from professions NY dance companies entertain your guests with routine dancers as well as freestyle dancing throughout the dance floor.

Caricature Artists

Have your guests take home real works of art done free-hand with drawing and shading.

Airbrush Artist

These artists design real works of art on hats or shirts. Includes all supplies, artist, and assistant. The artist produces anywhere from 12-15 items an hour. A 3-hour minimum is required.

Live Musicians and Performers

We provide a variety of performers and musicians for all occasions. Our musicians range from pianist, violinist, flutist, cellist, and harpist that can perform during your wedding reception or cocktail hour. In addition, we offer Celebrity Look-A-Like Acts that create a one of a kind experience. Such acts include Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga.

Event Planner

If you have an idea, we have a way of making it come to life! With an in house party planner, we can customize your event to make it the event you’ve always dreamed of.


Dancing on a Cloud

When the moment is right, dry ice covers the dance floor creating a cloud effect. This effect is perfect for a first dance and will be used again at other points throughout your event.

CO2 Club Cannon

Nothing is cooler than shooting off a stream of cold compressed air when your party is really going! The air is completely harmless and non-toxic. Guests will go completely crazy when you shoot off the Club Cannon. Includes enough gas for about 10-15 bursts of air.

Candy Bar

Calling all Sweet Tooth Lovers! A 6-foot table takes on any theme or color scheme of your wedding. There are 10-12 assortments of candy for all of your guests to enjoy! Candy bags will be provided while an attendant assists your guests in bagging their candy. All of our candy is individually wrapped and packaged.

Scrapbook Your Event

Have a custom made scrapbook created and designed to meet your personal needs and style. These albums are personalized using your photographs and memorabilia. Whether you want a 10-page or a 20-page scrapbook album of your memories, we offer a variety of options to meet your individual needs. Each scrapbook page can have approximately 1-6 photos and up to 12 photos for a double page layout with varying photo sizes. Albums are available in the following sizes: 12″ x 12″, 8″ x 10″ or 8″ x 8″.


Need a place to put your shoes, your jacket, or all your party giveaways? We can set up as many cubbies as you have guests. Each guest gets their own cubby with their name on a personalized name-card.

Karaoke Systems

4 Hour Show hosted by professional singers who entertain your guests with over 2000 choices in music! Comes with complete sound system, professional sounding microphones and video screens.

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