It’s your big day! You are finally becoming an adult. After hours of studying, it is time to celebrate! Ultimate Entertainment is here for you. As a very young and driven company, we know what the youth of today are dancing to. We will have all your friends on their feet and having an Ultimate time! Mazel Tov!!


Below are our three core Mitzvah packages. They consist of the most popular add-ons for Mitzvah at the most cost-effective prices.
Other extras can be added on to your selected package. Let us know what your vision is and we will make it happen!

Classic Mitzvah
Entertainment & Sound
Unlimited Consultaiton Service
Party Giveaways & Giftcards Package
Basic Lighting Package
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Ultimate Mitzvah
All Previous Services
Intelligent Lighting Package
TV Screen Package
Additional Party Motivator
Custom Monogram Light
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